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Let’s Talk About Purple Gnocchi

We all know what gnocchi looks like. At least, we think we do. It exists in our mind as it typically manifests on the plate: plump with potato filling, tightly packed, and semi-translucent white in hue. Yet this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it can be purple. Trust me on that last bit. I made

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The Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival is Great for Food Geeks

Annual food events in their fifth year seldom look like their first. Tweaks are made. Kinks are ironed out. When these happen, the true spirit of the event emerges. This certainly happened with the Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival. Since it launched in 2014, it’s evolved from a nondescript culinary fete to a fun

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Two Profiles, One Post

The March edition of the exceptional potent potable-focused magazine Tasting Panel has been out for a while. If you fancy yourself a hardcore fan of all things libation and somehow don’t have this magazine on your radar, you should rectify this post haste. There is quality information to be found within their pages every month,

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