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To Kalon Vineyard and the Mighty Mondavi

Got a new story to share with you today. This one comes from SOMM Journal‘s August/September issue, who graciously asked me to cover a wine tasting event focused on the world-famous To Kalon Vineyard and its association with the even more famous Robert Mondavi Winery. Now, I know some of you may think that Mondavi

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A Reluctantly Shared Piece

I typically like to use this site to post links to my magazine and online articles. Under normal circumstances, the article I have to share with you today would be exciting. The circumstances were normal at one point. Then Jonathan Gold passed away. This article, printed in the most recent copy of SOMM Journal, chronicles

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The Golden Hour: Running into a Renowned Food Critic

(Writer’s Note: This account was published a week before Jonathan Gold’s sudden, far-too-soon passing. RIP Mr. Gold – thank you for sharing your skill with those who love food). It’s an early Friday evening, and I’m leaning against a Frank Lloyd Wright property with a glass of rosé in my hand. The Wright joint, a

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