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The Start of Something Cool – Fork & Glass

If you visit my site with any amount of frequency, you probably know I contribute to a wide range of publications. If you do, it’s because I have a tendency to share my handiwork here, possibly in some vain attempt to convince you I’m not a hack. Hopefully, my nefarious strategy has worked, and will

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Pod People

I’m now a pod person. No, not the Donald Sutherland kind. Somehow, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast “I Know But.” I jumped on the chance for two reasons. First off, the podcast’s co-hosts Jeffrey Fliegler and Niyaz Pirani are total stand-up guys, and I’d hang out with either even if

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When God’s Butter Meets the Devil’s Water

My wife and I are staring at two hollow beef bones. The marrow formerly nestled in their canals were scooped, spread on crostini, and devoured less than a minute ago, and we’re talking about its flavor with the reminiscent fondness typically reserved for morsels enjoyed long ago. The bones symbolize the approximate halfway point of

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