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The Power of Love – and Tradition

“Where do you go for Valentine’s Day?” This is a question that gets flung my way when the calendar hits early February. When it’s asked, I assume most inquiring minds think that I’ll reply with a nice restaurant. Not necessarily somewhere upscale and elegant, but at least a dining space chic enough to spark the

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The Obligatory Christmas Post

It’s just about 5:00 PM when my family and I take our seats at Sabroso, our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant. A basket of fresh, hot tortilla chips slide onto our table, along with small bowls of mild and genuinely spicy salsa. I scoop a healthy portion of the latter onto a triangle, crunch, and lean

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The Uninvited Dinner Guest

We’re at a steakhouse. Our table is elegantly cliched; draped in crisp white linen, a baseball-sized scarlet candle at its center. The flickering cylinder’s hue matches the napkin concealing the top of a wicker basket of baked goods. We’re appropriately dressed for the culinary genre. My wife looks stunning in a bright yellow dress and

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