Genever with a “G”

At long last, I have enough time in my busy schedule to come up for air and post something. Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the podcast I’ve been doing with OC Weekly’s Greg Nagel in between posting gaps. If you haven’t yet, you’ll find the episodes on the platforms you usually source for your podcast needs.

In the meantime, I have another article to share with y’all. This one kicks off with me in a Los Angeles hotel room staring down a row of genevers. It’s not as lascivious as it sounds. In fact, it’s the scene for an educational exercise. Before this encounter, I had no idea how to pronounce the Dutch brown spirit, nor was I 100% sure if “genever” was spelled with a “g” or a “j.” I was fortunate, though: Myriam Hendricx, the master distiller for the Dutch distillery Rutte, was on hand to walk me though the lineup. That’s where the story so graciously published by Artisan Spirit Magazine more or less begins.

Check it out and please enjoy. You’ll have to flip to page 54 to check it out. I’m working on figuring out how to directly link to the magazine page, until now, my Luddite flag is a-flyin’. But the whole magazine’s worth perusing. There’s a whole separate section on genever in the issue. If you want to know more about this form of Dutch liquid magic after you read my scree, you’ll have an easily accessible chance.

By the way – a new podcast episode will be dropping soon. It’s a good one. At least, I think it’s good. I may be biased, though.