It’s Come to This: The Lazy Hunter Podcast

First show sipping.

Late last year, I was hanging out with Greg Nagel, OC Weekly‘s resident beer, food, and cocktail writer. This is a normal occurrence. We’re professional colleagues now, but we’re also old college friends that have known each other for nearly 30 years. I’m sure our teenage selves would have laughed at the sheer implausibility of us being professional colleagues as adults, but here we are. In the midst of our get-together, Greg mentioned that he had recently picked up a bunch of podcasting equipment. “We should do a podcast together!” I blurted out. I was having a beer at the time. I’m sure it was research beer.

“I’m down!” Greg replied. He probably said something wittier and less banal than this. He’s a clever bloke. I don’t know for sure, though. I didn’t have anything on me to write down exact quotes. Also, research beer. The point is, we both thought it was a pretty swell idea, and we’d revisit it after the holidays.

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and it turns out we weren’t kidding. I went over to his house a few days ago, and we laid down a genuine, bona fide podcast. We’re calling it The Lazy Hunter Podcast because, well, it’s the name of this site and the logo is cool. It really looks groovy when you pull it up on iTunes.

Yep – you can indeed find The Lazy Hunter Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google and Stitcher. Episode 1 is live now, and we have it uploaded on this very site for your enjoyment. (These announcement posts will eventually have platform links for your convenience, probably as early as the next one). Greg and I talk a little about beer, shoot the breeze about wine, geek out about spirits, and get a bit nerdy with food. This is pretty much what you can expect from us. It will be fun, I promise – Greg knows his stuff, and I can fake things rather well. Possibly.

Check it out, tell your friends, share with strangers, smite your enemies…okay, skip that last part. But you can do the other three actions, right?