Let’s Talk About Purple Gnocchi

We all know what gnocchi looks like. At least, we think we do. It exists in our mind as it typically manifests on the plate: plump with potato filling, tightly packed, and semi-translucent white in hue. Yet this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it can be purple.

Trust me on that last bit. I made this discovery when the fine people of Sauté Magazine asked me to write an article about how Haven Gastropub in Old Town Orange utilizes the products grown by Frieda’s, the pioneering OC-based purveyor of weird produce. Their collaboration resulted in delicious purple gnocchi, but it also laid the foundation of a cool discussion about esoteric produce’s place in the kitchen. You can read about this conversation by clicking this link to Sauté‘s Winter 2018 issue and flipping on over to Page 42. Just don’t read my article, though – take some time and read through the rest of the magazine. As usual, there’s a ton of great content to enjoy, from recipes and secret bar menus to a special wine section. You’ll dig it the most.

Happy reading!