I Finally Hopped Over to The Blind Rabbit

Yep. I’ve been super busy again, hence the lack of activity on the website. I assure you, I’ve been working on some cool stuff. I’m coming up for air to share a slice of that coolness with you today.

Before we get to that, please indulge me in a mini-rant. I hate writing headlines for online articles. They’re not clever, because they can’t be clever. Clever doesn’t translate to page rankings, SEO, and all of that other stuff that makes the online media world go ’round. Need proof? Look at this article’s headline. It’s horrible. It’s the opposite of burying the lede – it digs up the lede, puts it on a mountain peak, and leaves it to rot in the sun. But it’s effective because of metrics or something, so it stays put despite its awfulness. Sorry to sound like a curmudgeon, but I felt inspired to complain. Frankly, it felt cathartic.

Anyway, as you can guess from the dull, dumb headline, I did indeed pay a visit to The Blind Rabbit, the well-hidden speakeasy tucked inside the Anaheim Packing House. I went there on assignment for Tasting Panel, who kindly asked me to put a story together for their November issue. You can read that very piece by clicking this link and virtually flipping the magazine to page 40. I’m hoping you like it, and I’m hoping you peruse the rest of the publication. There are some excellent articles inside, including an interview with arguably San Diego’s coolest bartender.

As always, please enjoy.