The Start of Something Cool – Fork & Glass

If you visit my site with any amount of frequency, you probably know I contribute to a wide range of publications. If you do, it’s because I have a tendency to share my handiwork here, possibly in some vain attempt to convince you I’m not a hack. Hopefully, my nefarious strategy has worked, and will continue to do so.

I say this because I have another link to share with you today. However, this is a rather unique link, because it’s not a connection to a magazine. Rather, it’s a link to another website that you may find relevant to your interests – very relevant. The website is Fork & Glass, and it’s a site designed to promote several Orange County journalists that cover food and drink in various capacities. The stuff I post on this here site is on there, as are restaurant reviews, recipes, local food news, and the occasional podcast. Even if I wasn’t part of the site, I’d still be promoting it, just because the concept of bringing a bunch of local voices together in the name of eating and drinking is just flat-out cool.

Feel free to add Fork & Glass to your daily Internet habit (along with my website, natch). I think you’ll be very pleased with that decision.