Radio, Radio – My Guest Stint on the SoCal Restaurant Show

As you probably know by now, I like to use this dog and pony show to share articles and stories I’ve written for various publications. I’ve been doing the journalism thing for some time now, so I’m typically mellow about seeing my byline in print. Still, there are occasional moments that cause me to geek out, where I have to take a step back, acknowledge that something really cool happened, and revel in the moment in a state of giddiness.

I had one of those moments September 15. That’s when the good folks behind the SoCal Restaurant Show graciously had be on their program.  By “good folks,” I specifically mean program host Andy Harris, who invited me to come on to talk about some of the articles I’d recently written for Sauté magazine. This was rather humbling. Andy is one of the most astute observers of food and drink I’ve met during my career, and the show’s worth tuning into just to hear him do his thing. It’s a thrill knowing that he thinks enough of my ramblings to have me get behind the mic.

My segments are archived on the show’s website, and can be accessed here and here in case you missed tuning into AM 830 the first time. Please enjoy, and see if you can spot the moment where I nearly get Little Tokyo mixed up with Koreatown.