A Reluctantly Shared Piece

I typically like to use this site to post links to my magazine and online articles. Under normal circumstances, the article I have to share with you today would be exciting. The circumstances were normal at one point. Then Jonathan Gold passed away.

This article, printed in the most recent copy of SOMM Journal, chronicles one of Gold’s last public events; a Q & A he conducted with Eleven Madison Park and NoMad Executive Chef Daniel Humm at Los Angeles’ Barnsdall Art Park. If you’re a visitor to this site, the beginning of the piece may ring familiar. That’s because this is the same event where I met Gold, which I wrote up a while back and used a similar opening paragraph.  This article, which starts on page 116, focuses on Barnsdall’s summertime Friday wine tasting events. The shindigs are awesome, but they’re overshadowed here.

This is usually where I’d say please enjoy. Today, “kindly read” will suffice.