Gelato Goodness from Fatamorgana

It’s probably hotter than Dante Alighieri‘s farts where you live right now. It’s been blazing here in Orange County, and I’m boarding a plane to somewhere even warmer – Austin, Texas – within 24 hours of writing this. You and me both need some relief, is what I’m trying to say.

I can’t offer you anything to help in a physical, instant gratification kind of way. However, I can at least put dreams of gelato in your head. Specifically, the wild cavalcade of flavors scooped up by Fatamorgana in Studio City. Yes, going there means driving up to Los Angeles,  and you’ll be a few blocks before you get engulfed in “the valley” when you arrive. But I wouldn’t be posting this if the place wasn’t worth the drive.

Once again, the good folks at Saute Magazine let me write a bunch of words explaining why you should stop by when you’re in the area. The short answer is “because it’s damn good gelato,” but Fatamorgana’s story is well worth the read.  As always, please enjoy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stick my face in my freezer.