Pod People

I’m now a pod person.

No, not the Donald Sutherland kind. Somehow, I was invited to be a guest on the podcast “I Know But.” I jumped on the chance for two reasons. First off, the podcast’s co-hosts Jeffrey Fliegler and Niyaz Pirani are total stand-up guys, and I’d hang out with either even if there wasn’t microphones and recording equipment involved. Secondly, the title of the podcast is perfect for me. According to some of my college buddies, I said this phrase a lot back in the day. Then again, I could be mistaken – maybe the phrase was, “well no, but.” I can’t exactly recall. Anyway, doing this podcast with this name felt natural.

The episode – specifically Episode 9, entitled South by Socal – can be found by following this handy-dandy link. The three of us talk about the New Orleans restaurant scene, Memphis barbecue, Nashville hot chicken, Coachella music, and a bunch of other random stuff. It’s nearly two hours, but you’re probably going to be stuck in traffic this afternoon, so you’ll have time to at least listen to the good parts. (What can I say? We got on a roll).

As always, please enjoy.