Buzzin’ About

A few weeks ago, my wife and I drove up to Downtown Los Angeles for business purposes (read: I was working on an article). This is normally a welcome jaunt. We’re mostly opposite of rush hour traffic and we have the carpool lane, so hitting DTLA on a weeknight is no more time consuming than hitting the southern end of the Orange County coastline. This was not one of those normal times. The President was also downtown that night, and his presence shut down half of the streets. Our typically easy drive was reduced to a merciless slog, requiring at least three calls to NoMad‘s lobby to push back our dinner reservations. Fortunately, they were quite gracious in their understanding.

Our dinner NoMad – which was exquisite – was the precursor to my official task of swinging by the strategically hidden bar Birds & Bees. It proved to be worth the slog of government-addled traffic conditions. You can read about it the joint by checking out the latest edition of the farm-to-table food and drink magazine The Clever Root and flipping over to page 74. It’s worth reading just for the quote about Prohibition. It’s also worth flipping through the rest of the publication when you’re done.

As always, please enjoy.