Two Profiles, One Post

The March edition of the exceptional potent potable-focused magazine Tasting Panel has been out for a while. If you fancy yourself a hardcore fan of all things libation and somehow don’t have this magazine on your radar, you should rectify this post haste. There is quality information to be found within their pages every month, put forth by extremely talented writers. Every now and then, they somehow allow me to contribute. I’m still not sure how this happened, but I’m just glad it did.

I bring this up because they let me espouse about not one, but two Orange County bartenders and the voodoo they do in the March issue. If you click here and virtually flip on over to Page 55, you’ll be able to read my interview with Anthony Laborin, the immensely talented, envelope-pushing Bar Manager at Newport Beach’s Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens. When you’re finished, head over to Page 78 to check out my interview with Gabe Whorley, the engine that makes the ultra-sleek bar program at OLEA in Costa Mesa run so smoothly. Both gents have created completely different bar programs, and both are worth a visit should you be in the area.

When you’re done with those articles, read the rest of the magazine, and maybe pick up a subscription. It’s worth your while, and I’m not just saying that because I have a byline there. It’s an essential read if you want to learn about the current state of libations. Want proof? As I was thumbing through the issue, I stumbled across an article about a cool looking bar in Nashville. I’m going to be in Nashville next week, and now I’m probably going to be in said cool looking bar sometime during my trip.

Please enjoy!