The First Official Post of Shameless Self-Promotion

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’ve been busy.

This isn’t an empty statement, and today I have proof. A while back, the Orange County-based magazine Sauté approached me and asked if I wanted to do an interview with Jim Denevan, the founder of the touring culinary organization Outstanding in the Field. I jumped at the chance, but not because it was a paid gig (though that was obviously nice). I’ve been a fan of Outstanding in the Field since I caught a profile on Denevan on CBS Sunday Morning over a decade ago, so it’s not hyperbole when I say it was exciting to conduct an interview with him.

If you’re wondering what Outstanding in the Field is or why should you care, I invite you to virtually crack open Saute’s Spring issue, flip to page 16, and read away. It’s my hope that you’re left as impressed as I was about what this group is all about. I’ll even be happy if you come away half-impressed. I don’t want to get too pushy.

While you’re at it, check out the rest of Saute’s latest edition, too. It’s a cool little magazine that’s easy on the eyes and packed with interesting food and drink content covering Orange County and beyond. Their website also contains a nice array of recipes and blog posts that you may enjoy, so hop over there and go nuts. It won’t change your life, but it may change your opinion on, say, California’s Ojai Valley.

Please enjoy!

Photo Credit: Melissa Gayle